Personal Trainer: Liz Jabourian


  • Level 2 Gym Instructor
  • Lever 3 PT
  • First Aid


  • Pre and Post-Natal Instructor
  • Exercise Class Instructor

Classes Taught:

About Liz Jabourian

My mission is to become a pre and post-natal Personal Trainer and complete a Pilates teacher course to support my post-natal training, teaching post-natal Pilates here at Bodywise Gym and Studios. My inspiration came from closing my own abdominal separation after having my second child through post-natal Pilates based exercises. I was amazed by the results and learnt a lot about the pelvic floor and its abilities. I am currently studying L3 PT having completed my L2 fitness instructing. I would love to share my knowledge to help others through pregnancy and afterwards to get their body back to how they are happy with or maybe stronger than it was before. I am gaining experience teaching ‘Women’s Gym Hour' which I love. Although my degree is in Art I had a revelation from being inspired through personal experience and I would love to share with others how to achieve what I have.

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